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For professional copper recycling in Brisbane, trust no one else besides Industrial Metal Services.
Our team of experts has experience with industrial and commercial customers who expect fast service and equally fast turn-around times on their recyclable metals.
Give us a call to find out how you can recycle your scrap copper at our facility just south of Brisbane.

Recycling scrap copper helps the economy

More about scrap copper recycling

When you recycle copper, you are telling the world that you want that copper to be re-used in some other way or for a completely new and different application. Copper that has outlived its usefulness is stripped from discarded and unused items so that it can be processed into a usable state once again.

The first time copper was used for anything was shortly after the Stone Age. It is still widely used to this day for various items and activities. Copper has been recycled since its first use, being broken down and repurposed for something else in one way or another.

Before modern times, copper was considered extremely precious because of the amount of heat and skill it took to smelt it. Recycling copper has always been preferable to finding and mining from new sources.

Copper recycling as we know it today started with the industrial revolution. Today, copper is easier to recycle and repurpose than ever before thanks to advances in heating technology.

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Recycling your scrap copper

If you need scrap copper of any kind recycled, come to Industrial Metal Services. Our locally-owned-and-operated company is always willing to help you recycle your old metals. We pride ourselves on offering the best prices on scrap copper and other metals. Give us a call or stop by today to find out more.

We offer the best prices on metal

Supply and demand of copper

The price of copper depends on many different factors, from the quality of the copper to the demand, both interstate and globally. When the demand for copper is high, we can offer you more for your scrap. We always provide you with the best price for any scrap metal you bring in including copper.

Copper buyer Brisbane

Get the best price for your scrap copper

At Industrial Metal Services, we are professional copper buyers, with years of experience. We are dedicated to providing our customers with fair & accurate copper pricing. To find out more, give us a call or stop by our location which is just south of Brisbane. We will help you with whatever you need from buying and recycling to exporting and importing.
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